lindsay cooper, phd, lmsw

Lindsay earned her Master’s in Social Work degree in 2004 from Wayne State University.  She also holds a BA in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Anthropology. Lindsay utilized all of her educational experiences in prior work situations including family and child welfare and foster care work at Michigan Department of Human Services, and in teaching courses in social work and women’s studies at Oakland University. She has also published research in areas of child welfare and social work policy related to her doctorate in anthropology.   

Lindsay’s work in social services provided her with experience in working with family relationships, child neglect and abuse, depression and anxiety, and substance abuse issues.  Her university career afforded Lindsay experience in working with young adults and knowledge of their problems with respect to school, family or relationships.  Her anthropology and social work education, internships and work experience impart a holistic approach to advocacy for clients, with regard to health, work, parenting, and cultural diversity issues.  

Lindsay has specialized in women’s studies – particularly in areas of health, work and child rearing.  She has extensive experience in cross-cultural issues as an anthropologist with a particular focus on gender differences in child welfare across cultures.  She has worked with both men and women in the classroom setting and has often been called upon to offer support and guidance in the  academic pursuits, employment endeavors and personal lives of her students of all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and life situations.