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eric s. blumberg, ph.d., lpc, caac, icaadc Michigan Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor
Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol

Dr. Blumberg has met stringent practice standards and criteria to be deemed a specialist in the following areas: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment and Dual Diaganosis Disorders, Human Sexuality-the Enhancement of Nondisordered Responses, the Adjustment of Highly Sexual Women, Health Psychology-the Mind/Body Interaction and Psychoneuroimmunology, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for both Anger Management and Substance Abuse.  Dr. Blumberg has completed EMDR training.

Dr. Blumberg received his Masters Degree in Counseling in 1979 and his Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical Concentration) in 2000.  He is experienced in conducting group and individual therapy. He has worked extensively for over 35 years with both individuals and their family members who are struggling to cope with issues related to drinking, gambling, and other drug use, including those who have other emotional challenges in addition.  He has also worked with  clients who are depressed or anxious, clients who experience mood swings that interfere with daily living, and clients who are having problems in their relationships with others. Dr. Blumberg’s style is warm and genuine, focusing on the needs the client brings to the office, primarily using an approach called cognitive-behavioral. This means assisting the client to learn to think and therefore act and make choices more productively. His goal is for all clients to learn to be their own therapists.

In his Ph.D. graduate program Dr. Blumberg trained to work with two unique groups. First, in the area called health psychology – technically called psychophysiological disorders or psychoneuroimmunology – or the mind/body interaction. That is, with those clients who are experiencing physical/medical symptoms in which working with the stress caused by the medical condition and perhaps in some cases making worse that condition. This work, in  conjunction with the treating physician, can help the client feel better and in some cases can assist the body in healing. Chronic pain and IBS are two examples of physical conditions that can benefit from this approach.

Dr. Blumberg is an active member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. The second group with whom Dr. Blumberg has worked extensively based on his specialty training and research is highly sexual women who are looking for someone to discuss the adjustment issues their normal but unusually strong desire has caused in their lives. He has also trained to work with couples who wish to discuss with a coach, improving and deepening their sexual  relationship to include multiple and extended responses to each other.