edward jackson, psyd, llp

My therapeutic focus is on helping people being challenged by stress, anxiety, depression, traumatic events, loss or grief, relationship issues, sexual difficulties, career problems, addictions, and compulsions, and who are seeking to find and develop creativity and meaning in their lives.  I work with a diverse range of individuals and couples and have a particular expertise in working with people in transitions. I am trained in the use of EMDR therapy techniques for the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and stress.

My therapy style is active, nurturing, and collaborative.  The goal is supporting clients in living at their highest potential.  My approach encourages identifying and understanding barriers to goals, while helping clients make better choices.  My vision is to help others cope with everyday challenges, while celebrating their true authentic selves.

Psychotherapy is a process that allows us to explore how our thoughts, feelings, and actions interact and influence one another.  Through thoughtful questioning and healthy confrontation, I will do my best to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.  To me therapy is an evolving, nurturing, and dynamic conversation that offers support and can lead to change and self-improvement. Over time, old patterns of thinking and behavior become more easily  recognizable, the consequences of those patterns well known, the meanings of the repetitions understood, the anxieties about change managed, and the exciting new possibilities of being in the world are played with, practiced, and lived.  The process may be challenging at times, but ultimately, people walk away with an awareness of options for behaving, feeling, relating or understanding differently.

Supervised by Dr. Lawrence Wentworth PhD.