david hiatt, ma MA

David is completing his Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Oakland University and is an intern with Wentworth & Associates.  David is supervised by Lisa Shepard, L.P.C., and he works on a sliding fee scale based on a negotiated fee with the client.  David also sees clients online through video sessions when requested.  


David has experience counseling a diverse range of clients and applying an integrated approach dependent on the needs of the client.  The education and experience that David has gained throughout his course of study at Oakland University has prepared him to offer his services to clients experiencing anxiety, depression, transitional difficulties, as well as challenges in their career.  David trusts in the therapeutic process as a means to assist all individuals who desire to improve themselves in constructive and significant ways. 


David’s therapeutic approach is to construct a collaborative environment where he learns the narrative and strengths of the client in an effort to assist the client in becoming their best possible self.  By employing a person-centered approach built on empathy for the client, he seeks to better understand the challenges that the client faces in their daily lives.  David is aware that cultural, family, spiritual, and other societal pressures have an impact on each individual client.  In order to fully understand the world that the client lives in and how their experiences have shaped them, David always views the client as the expert in the therapeutic process. 


David has also been a secondary educator for over 22 years where he has been recognized for his positive contributions in the lives of adolescents.  The wealth of experience that he has gained by working with younger adults provides David with the tools necessary to assist adolescents and young adults with the challenges they face.  David’s experience in education has taught him that all individuals have value and are capable of improving themselves.  Working with a diverse population of adolescents has also provided important experience in applying a variety of techniques in achieving the goal of self-improvement.